Our children are

innocent and precious

We work hard to keep your data secure.  Privacy is important, security is important and we absolutely know your children are important.  Our most basic want for you is the encouragement of creation in your household. We are simply supplying you with the tools to securely store, organize and print your child's masterpieces. With Artebula, your child's artwork helps us in achieving a world that keeps on creating so our future generations become problem solvers, leaders, inventors and change-makers.

Our children are the future. 

Privacy and control of your information is more important than ever.

Read on and see the principles that guide our work every day.

Children are change-makers

Through the encouragement of art, we hope that your children will grow up to create new solutions and fresh ideas.  We know they are vital, which is why we take their privacy seriously.  We do not misuse any personal information about your children, and we take the greatest precautions to keep their identities safe.

You should have full control

We want you to be in the driver seat when you buckle your kids into the car.  We also want you to be in the driver seat when it comes to what information you share with us.  We only share information when you have given us permission, we have also been very open about what information we are storing and why. We believe in disclosure, because we simply want to improve the arts and encourage your child to keep creating.

Artebula Privacy Policy

Now that you understand our approach, read our privacy policy.