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The Recycled Super Hero Craft

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

With a few materials from the blue box you can create an amazing bobble head superhero! We had so much fun coming up with the idea behind this one. We had a lot of questions around how to secure the balloon to the body - which is ultimately how we decided to use a squeeze bottle. It was a great problem solving activity that involved some brainstorming.


- 4 toilet paper rolls

- Egg carton - Ketchup squeeze bottle - Balloon

- Marker - Scrap magazine paper - Scissors - Hot glue - Wool or other materials for hair

Step 1

Cut out the cape, then paint on your super symbol. Once it has dried you can accordion fold it.

Step 2

Paint your body parts! We chose red, but you can choose whatever colour your like. We had a yellow balloon for the head, so we chose to paint the egg carton pieces for the hands yellow to match.

Step 3

While your body parts are drying, you can start the balloon head. We used a permanent marker for the face, then white glue and wool for the hair. You can use whatever materials you'd like for the hair, you could even simply draw it on with marker! We then painted on a mask.

Next, we attached a piece of wool firmly around the knot of the balloon and pulled it through the squeeze hole on the lid of the ketchup bottle. This will create the bobble head! Tie a large knot on the inside of the lid to ensure that the balloon is secure.

Step 4

Now that everything is dry, you can hot glue the body parts together. First, you'll want to cut your arms so that they lay a little more flat on the body. You can position the arms however you like, but we decided to make this a flying super hero! Glue on the legs and let it all dry so it is nice and secure.

Step 5

Finally, hot glue on the cape, and screw on the lid with the bobble head. You can now paint on any finishing touches!

Step 6

Now you'll want to document this amazing super hero you made in your digital portfolio in the Artebula App! We suggest finding a nice white background for a clean portfolio look, or have someone photograph you playing with your new creation! You can remember this forever in your digital portfolio!


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