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The Magic Bunny - Light Refraction Experiment

Why Does the Bunny Turn into a Reflection?

In this fun STEAM learning exercise, you will watch light refraction in action! Water and glass not only reflect but refract light. Reflection is when light bounces off of a surface. Refraction is when light changes direction moving from one thing to another (for example, from glass to water). As the light beam enters the water or glass, the light bends, or refracts, which is what causes the appearance of a reflection of our bunny. (Source: Science Guys, Department of Physics at Union University)


  • Tall clear glass

  • Water

  • Paper

  • Marker

  • Tape

Step 1

Draw your bunny looking either to the left or to the right.

Step 2

Place your bunny behind the water glass.

Step 3

Fill your water glass and watch as the bunny magically changes direction.


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