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By Shannon Mangerchine - April 30, 2020

My husband is an artist, so one of our core values as a family is creative expression. We do things like “Family Art Time” in which we all sit at the table together while individually creating. One of our favorite activities to do with our boys is to take turns working on a particular piece together. One of the boys will start drawing with pen, marker or pencil and then we will add on to the piece taking turns going back and forth in collaboration until we decide the piece is finished. The only rule is that you can’t draw over something the other one drew.

Art time is one of our favorite family activities because…

We can all do it. As long as a child

is old enough to sit up and hold a crayon they can participate, but it’s still an activity older kids can also enjoy.

It is easy and in-expensive. All you need for family art time is plain paper and markers, crayons, pens, paint or colored pencils. There aren’t a lot of fussy or expensive materials involved unless you want to explore more in-depth and mature projects.

Personal development. Through creating we have helped build confidence in our kids, helped them learn how to express their thoughts, taught a skill and how to improve with practice, shown how to turn their mistakes into something beautiful, helped them to be decisive and more...

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