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Halloween Tea Light Lanterns

Use recycled materials to make these Halloween tea light lanterns

Halloween is around the corner, and naturally we are making Halloween crafts! This one is extra fun because it uses items from the recycle bin, paint and a power tool!!! So neat!

The materials you need for this Halloween lantern craft are:

  • plastic bottle

  • coffee tin

  • wool

  • scissors

  • paint and paint brushes

  • hot glue

  • white cardstock or thick paper

  • tea light

  • power drill and drill bit

First you'll paint your bottle and tin can. Then create your cute witch hat using the thick paper. Start by tracing your circles using two different sized circles, then cut out a square and roll it into a cone. Then you will glue your cone seem and fold up the base of the hat and glue it all in place. Finish by painting the hat black.

Next you will add your details to your bottle and to your can to make the witch and the cat. We drew a cat, spider, spider web, broom and a jack-o-lantern on our tin can.

You can choose any colour of wool for your witch hair. You'll want to cut many 12 inch pieces of wool until you have a thickness you desire. Then pinch it in the middle and secure it together with a small piece of wool. Use elastics to start the top of the braid, and secure the base of your braid with another elastic. Finally, you can secure the wig under the hat on the top of the bottle.

In the final steps, you can cut an opening in the back of your bottle to allow access to your tea light, then you will drill holes into your witch and your tin can spacing the holes out roughly one inch apart (or 3.5cm). Finally, you will place your tea lights inside your lanterns and VOILA! You have adorable Halloween witch and cat lanterns.


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