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A Creative Writing Project for the Whole Family

Estimated duration of activity: 30 minutes

Brighten up your day with a deck of picture charades and your children’s imaginations! Storytelling is a creative – and comforting – way of re-imagining the world, and what better time to conjure up some happy endings than right now?

Materials Needed

  • Picture charades card deck (you can also print one online)

  • Paper and pencil

  • Someone who can write

Step 1

Ask each child to pull a card at random from the deck and lay the cards face up on the table. The order does not matter, because your little authors will decide how to arrange the story.

Step 2

Let the older children write their own stories and have the younger children work with an adult to write their story.

For the younger ones, give them leading questions to guide the story. For example, ask them "where was the kite going?" or "can the snowman speak?" Try and create transitions into other cards to make the story flow: "And then, the snowman saw the castle!”

Step 3

Have each child read their stories out loud. Storytelling encourages creative thinking, reading skills and family collaboration!


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