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6 Simple Painting Crafts for All Ages

Estimate duration of activity: 30 mins- 1 hour

There’s always excitement in our household whenever we bring out the paints! If you’d like to join us for some colourful creative time, here are 6 great painting ideas from around the web that can work for children ages 2 to 10.

1. Q-Tip Painting

Q-Tip painting is fun for any age! For pre-schoolers, you can draw an outline of a tree or an animal and encourage them to dab inside the lines. For older children, suggest a landscape or a Van Gogh re-creation!

2. Spin Art Painting

Give that old salad spinner a second life with spin art! If you don't have one, you can pick one up at your local dollar store and use it to create vibrant painted patterns.

3. Bottle Cap Painting

We love using recycled materials as much as possible, so when we came across this bottle cap painting, we were thrilled! This joyfully messy craft involves texture, which is great for sensory development.

4. Blow Painting Art

This craft could not be any more timely. Teach your kids about germs, then have them paint their own!

5. Tape Resist Painting

This activity isn’t just about the colours – it’s about the space in between. You can use any type of paint for this craft, and some well-placed masking tape. For younger children, you might want to tie in a letter to help them work on their alphabet skills! For older children, let them come up with their own design.

6. Sponge Painting

We've linked you to flowers because spring is in the air, but your children can use sponges to paint anything else they see from their windows!

Want to embark on a new art adventure but don’t know where to start? Email so we can put together some resources for you!


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