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5 Toilet Paper Roll Animals for All Ages

Estimate time: 30-60 minutes

With families in isolation mode right now, I imagine that we have extra toilet paper rolls hanging around! Here are 5 crafts to re-purpose the rolls.

Paper Roll Penguins

Let children’s imaginations come alive with toilet paper penguins. Make this a single craft or make a family of penguins for hours of additional play time.

Paper Roll Octopus

Great for younger children because it requires fewer materials and fewer steps. They’ll learn to use scissors, learn to curl paper and develop their dexterity and precision while making this adorable octopus.

Paper Roll Fox

This paper roll fox is cute enough to give as a home-made gift to loved ones! Although this craft is better suited for 6 years and older, there’s no reason why a parent and a younger child couldn’t do this craft together.

Paper Roll Snakes

S is for snake. Using crafts while learning the alphabet with children helps enhance their retention rate! Theses snakes are very simple and great for helping children with their cutting skills.

Paper Roll Squid

We can picture a mobile made of these squid. Mix and match colours for a beautiful arrangement of squid. Get extra creative and make a whole ocean scene then pin or glue your new squid to the backdrop. Endless possibilities for this craft.

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