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5 Great Recycled Craft Ideas for Earth Week

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

This year, April 22, 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. In recognition of this important milestone, we want to share with you five cool ideas using the contents of your recycle bin. It’s a great opportunity to teach the little ones how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Egg Carton Helicopter

We were so pleased when we found this adorable helicopter over on The Craft Train. If you haven’t already seen it, check out our Youtube channel where you can find a how-to video to create your own masterpiece. The creation of these helicopters inspired a landing pad on the upcycled race track we made this week. If you have paint and egg cartons hanging around, you can make this craft! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the pin for the propellor, you can simply make a stationary propellor!

Upcycled Robot-Monster

This is so much fun! Inspired by my Mommy Style, we let the children go wild in the recycle bin and watched their creative juices flow as they designed their robot-monsters. We went as far as having a robot-monster making competition in our household, and it was a blast! The competitive angle made them try even harder and in the end, they were all so proud of their designs. We ended up having a “professional photoshoot” of their projects afterwards to save them in their digital portfolios in the Artebula app. For fragile projects like these, it is best to capture them right away so the children can play freely with them.

Repurposed Crayon Art

Have you ever melted crayons on purpose? We haven’t, which is why this upcycled crayon craft really appealed to us, not to mention the number of broken crayons at the bottom of the crayon bin. You can really be creative with this and use many colours to get the desired look. In fact, you can turn this into necklace pendulums, or keychains, or simply create some new colours for the craft box.

Recycled Flowers from cereal boxes

Don’t limit yourself to cereal boxes this could work with magazines, wrapping paper or old birthday cards. Create some template petals and allow your children to trace and cut the petals on their own, working their small motor skills. Then let their imaginations run wild while they create beautiful Spring flowers!

Milk Carton Hanging Bird Feeder

The addition of colourful beads on this hanging bird feeder is so pretty. This is a craft that keeps on giving because you can watch the wildlife enjoy the seeds and teach your children about the types of birds you see.

Happy Creating! Don’t forget, everything you do with your children is an opportunity to teach something, whether it be about helping our planet or learning about science or the alphabet.

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