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5 Creative Ways we can Support our Frontline Workers

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

They go to work so that #wecanstaysafeathome. Over the past few weeks, we have established routines and have found ways to cope with our new norm. But for those frontline workers, they need to so much more. Balance their work, their home lives, homeschooling, and safety. Here are 5 creative ways we can support our front line workers. Here are 5 creative ways we can show them how much we care

Drop off some home-cooked frozen meals

This is a fantastic way to show how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication to keeping us safe. We can’t even imagine how hard it must be for these workers to get anything done outside of work let alone have a home-cooked meal. Here is a wonderful link with 16 healthy freezable meals that you can make for your heroes.

Creative Thank you gifts

Finally, sending a little thank you to your hero will likely bring a smile to their face and remind them what they are fighting for. The initiative #rainbowsforheroes is gifting 100 posters filled with rainbow-inspired artwork to our heroes. To tag your hero, you can visit, or if you’d like to upload a rainbow piece created by your child, you can do this on our website as well.

Window Artwork

This is but one example of beautiful window artwork, our post on window artwork is filled with beautiful window artwork ideas if you need additional inspiration. This is our favourite window display, and it really brings light to our heroes on the frontline.

Protective Caps

Start a project with your children to help local hospital staff by making some protective caps for them. This tutorial comes complete with patterns, all you will need is some cute patterned fabric and a little patience.

Creative Thank you Card

This beautiful rainbow heart card is fun to make and you can drop it off or send it in the mail. Imagine the smiles when your hero opens up their card and sees the hand made rainbow with your personalised note.

We cannot wait to see all of your 3D rainbow creations. We also want to encourage you to take the opportunity to tag a hero using #rainbowsforheroes on social media so we can recognize our friends and family that are working so hard to keep us safe. Submit your rainbow artwork at


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