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10 Easy Rainbow-Inspired Artwork for our #rainbowsforheroes Initiative

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Estimated time 30-60 minutes

There is no doubt COVID 19 has transformed our lives, it’s been very hard and we have a lot of negative issues to deal with. But gosh aren’t our children an inspiration to us all in how to find the positives in any situation. We’ve also been completely amazed by how these little people have risen up to show us older people how to find new and wonderful ways stay positive and even more importantly how to inspire our warriors on the front line and let them know how much we care and appreciate them.

We had to help the children in their quest and that’s why we came up with our “Rainbows for Heroes” campaign.

We want to you to send us as many of those wonderful rainbows as you can and when we have enough (100-200) we will use our expertise to turn them into a beautiful poster that you can send to your own special hero.

We are only a small company but we have dug deep and are thrilled to be able to offer the first 100 “heroes” tagged in our official Facebook (link here) and Instagram Posts (link here) a wonderful souvenir on us.

Children please send us your rainbows we need them. You can submit a rainbow by uploading it on our website.

Here are a few hints to get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

Popsicle Stick Rainbows

Hint-Cover your table top, you’ll need some paint and some popsicle sticks for this one. Great for any age group and easy enough to let them create on their own.

Rainbow Terrariums

The older kiddos can go wild with this one! Although you may not have plants on hand right now, you can easily swap out succulents for seedlings and watch your plants grow.

Chunky Rainbow Butterfly

This cute rainbow butterfly craft can be made with very simple and available materials. Colourful cardstock, glue and googly eyes can make this craft very special.

No Mess Rainbow Art

This is so much fun! Have your little one’s choose their colours and place a few blobs at one end of a piece of paper. Place the paper inside a plastic bag and have your child smear the paint around. Then simply take out the paper out of the bag and let it dry.

Results will never be the same, so it can be repeated often. To reuse the plastic bag, just wash it out and let it dry

Giant Rainbow Flowers

Teach cutting skills! Trace various sizes of circles on different coloured construction paper then let your little ones cut them out. Hang these flowers in your windows for spring feelings!

Handprint Rainbow Painting

This messy craft will be so memorable using your child’s handprint as the applicator. Use this craft to teach about temperature, colour theory, shapes and more.

3D Rainbow Bridge Art

This rainbow craft is simple and cute. Your child can proudly hang this in their room to brighten up their space and show their loved one when they come back to visit.

Unicorn Rainbows

Do you have a unicorn lover? This rainbow craft would look lovely hanging in a bedroom window. Make a family of unicorns using various colours.

Rainbow Leaf Prints

This is a simple craft that minimizes mess and only a few materials, three in fact, paper, a few leaves and washable markers. The results are gorgeous. Why not collect leaves during your daily walk. We can see this decorating a home made greeting card, can’t you?

Rainbow Toilet Paper Blowers

Do you have any celebrations coming up? Maybe throw a craft party with the family and make some blowers! You can use them to celebrate our front line workers during the next #ClapforHeroes evening!

Let your heroes know you’re on their side by sharing our post and tagging them. You can find our post on our Facebook Page by clicking through here. You can also find out more on our website at

As a company, we’ve just begun but want to contribute what we can. We are excited to give the first 100 people tagged a free Rainbows for Heroes poster, featuring amazing art created by children around the world.


Don't forget parents, all this learning may come with piles of artwork! But the Artebula App was designed to solve that problem without guilt. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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