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Frequently asked questions

Can each child have their own profile?

Yes. The Artebula App is designed to flow like a typical folder system on your computer. Each child can have their own profile and within each profile you can create portfolios of artwork which can be organized by activity, camp, school year and much more.

Where are the images stored?

Images captured within the application are securely stored on our cloud server. Images captured from the camera button within the app are not stored locally on your smartphone. Should you wish to do this, capture your creation by taking an image with your smartphone then upload it to the Artebula app.

Can I make a combined print of all my child or children’s artwork?

Not a problem! All you do is go to the PRINTS section from anywhere within the application. Select CREATE A BOOK OR POSTER. Then you can simply choose the option to IMPORT FROM ARTISTS PORTFOLIO.

How can I delete artwork? And if I do delete it, will it still be available on my smartphone?

If you acquired the image using the Artebula app, you will be required to delete the image within the app. Simply find the image you would like to delete and click on the garbage can at the corner of the image.

You can also delete an entire ARTISTS PORTFOLIO. Slide the album to the right and a garbage can icon will appear for you to delete the portfolio.

IMPORTANT : If you took the image from the camera in the app, it will NOT be saved locally on your phone. Once you have deleted it, it will also be deleted from our cloud server and is gone forever!

Can I add a custom cover?

Yes! There are multiple ways to customize your book covers. You can select from some of our many available covers and fonts or you can upload your own artwork.

*For a short period to welcome new users we have granted access to our Premium Fonts and Covers for free!

Why is there a minimum page count?

We take quality seriously. In order to provide the best quality book, we require a minimum thickness. Twenty pages allows for this. On that note, there is also a maximum thickness for a book. Sixty pages is the magic number without sacrificing quality.

What is the maximum page count per book?

The maximum number is 60 pages per book.

Can I edit my images from within the Artebula App?

Yes! We have CROP/ROTATE as well as BRIGHTNESS/COLOUR filters built right into the app.

How much does a book or poster cost?

Our books start as low as $37.99 for a 20 page hard cover book. You can add additional pages to a maximum of 60 for $0.50 cents per page.

A twenty image mosaic poster will cost you $19.99.

How much is each extra page?

Each extra page is $0.50. You can add pages until you hit a maximum number of 60.

Do you have any tips and tricks to ensure I capture the best images of the artwork?

Taking a few simple steps will improve the quality of the images you acquire dramatically. The first and most important is try to capture your images in “Natural daylight” will make the biggest difference to almost every aspect of the photography process but primarily colour accuracy. Avoid standard lamps. Placing your art on the floor by an open door will give you good illumination, even on a rainy day! Make sure the angle of your painting and the angle of your phone are the same. Crop your image after capturing it to sharpen the colours and eliminate extraneous noise. Avoid using flash photography.

How do I move the pages around in a Print?

Select the PRINT to be edited. In the footer of your selected print, you have a SORT button. You can choose to arrange the pages in ascending or descending order based on the date that the image was captured, or you can use the CUSTOM option. When you choose the CUSTOM option, arrows will appear on your image boxes that will allow you to move the images around in any order you choose.

How do I edit images in a print?

There are two ways you can edit the images within your PRINT. Make sure you select the book or poster where the images are laid out. Then either;

Choose EDIT at the footer of the screen. Here you have the option to delete or edit each image individually.


You can simply click directly on the image and the EDIT screen will pop up for you to edit the image.

Do I need to review the PDF before it goes to the printer?

Yes! This is highly recommended. This ensures that you have not only selected the images you want, but your child’s artwork is correctly placed within the book or poster. From within the shopping cart, click on the thumbnail and review the PDF's right from your smartphone.

How can I check what each page will look like in my finished book or poster?

What you see when you select the book or poster on the application is what will print.

Make sure you click on each image individually to check the quality of the image, position on the screen, brightness, contrast and orientation.

You will see a blue box shown on the screen which represents the outer edges of the printed page. Anything outside of the blue box will not be printed on the page.

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