Our Mission

To develop a content creation platform that supports children in being imaginative, empowered, and “future-ready” by bringing technology and the arts together.


The unique combination of our Resource Center and feature-rich technology ensure we are ideally positioned to foster online communities of families who support STEAM (or equivalent) education. By linking art and technology, we encourage the development of critical thinking and innovation in children, helping them develop crucial life skills. 

Artebula is more than just a print and storage app. We are a customer-led resource center and community for the art and technology sector of STEAM.

Our Story

Outside of her business ventures, Laura leads a busy life inspiring 3 imaginative children, who have filled their house with artistic creations over the years. After getting busted by her four-year-old for throwing one of her masterpieces in the recycling bin, Laura realized that there was a better way to organize and share her kids’ creations.


Laura began to develop an idea for an app using her marketing experience, partnering with Graeme, who added a strong development background. With business guidance from Catherine and sales expertise from Katy, Artebula quickly became more than just an application. Since launching, Artebula has also created an important space for parents looking to support STEAM education and inspire their kids to develop innovation skills outside of the classroom. 

Management Team

Laura Page-Hamelin

Co-founder & CMO

Catherine McCallum

Advisor / Director

Graeme McKay

Co-founder & CTO

Katy Hendren


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